This week In the land of no traffic laws

first i’d like to say good thing someone reminded me because it’s just another day here I would have had no idea it was fathers day.

but um hi not too sure what to talk about. Thanks for your support HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! good luck this next week with everyone

So this week we had exchanges on tuesday or thursday I can’t remember basically just went to central Taibei and found people there will talk a little more than the people in LuZhou


we taught Scott’s family again its hard staying focused teaching them because his daughters just get more and more attractive (they are the top of the class both fluent in english one lived in Canada for a while going into diplomatic type stuff and they are casually going to go run a marathon next week.. like umm alright that is Awesome) but their family is awesome
Scott wants it his wife is super buddist because her family was.


Nothing else really exciting this week other than it can be raining and you don’t get wet its weird
also go from blazing heat to Instant Down pour out of no were.

Also I love the cars here so part of the culture is they graduate get a job then save money to get a nice car and then get married. But the cars they buy are porches lots of lexuses lancers imprezas and… civics… But they all have body work done to them honestly a Ricers Paradise I love them lots of them have race decals too its fun.


“The calm before the storm (it poured on us after – we were soaked).”



“Such parking much wow (not my bike mine was in the closet next to this) … the bike is in the church bathroom in the lobby – we walk out and our bikes are gone – like what the crap”



“These kinds of toilets do exist ‘O’ … the toilet is at our apartment (on the 9th floor it’s not small but it’s not big awesome view tho) – the toilet we don’t use toilet paper just sprays you – super weird to get used to. “


i totally would I love rally cars soo much they are everywhere here lots of euro spec cars (ask dad) lots of them all have race paint ill try to take more pictures to show you. Also anime stuff is everywhere.

it’s going to be weird going home and seeing normal cars with no paint or decals of body work or anything (because American car owners have no creativity with their cars)




so random story that i just remembered this was thursday or friday so bread here is REALLY good and i had bought some $25 super cheap but it started pouring by the time we got to were we were meeting our investigator it was gone it fell out of my bag kinda sucked i wanted that bread… ah well was just funny tho




Q: What do you do for meals?
A: street venders – super cheap super good



super random but i wish i could film the average bike ride around town here Its crazy mom would not be able to watch it almost been hit by like every vehicle known to man. lots of scooters and the double yellow is just a suggestion but it’s just funny because in america never think to ride in between cars but here you are never not in between cars in between them scooters everywhere roads are lined with them. another funny thing is the lights here all have count down timers its awesome roll up ok i have 10 seconds or a minuet or whatever. lots of nice cars around saw a rolls royce and a la Ferrari the new 458 Italia (460 or something i can’t remember kinda ugly)