this week in LuZhou

So this week was a good one

It’s very hot here but had some good lessons

got to meet some cool people

the language is very very slow but understanding little more every day

So sorry can’t really remember all that happened this week but we did end up teaching this guy scott and his family (don’t let the name fool you it was still in chinese) super cool family ended up coming to church. other than him chen ma ma she is really funny calls me a baby because that’s about as much of what i can understand that she says.
KJ Wang also he was cool his best friend is mormon so he met with us he was big and he is a surfer. umm not much else really just lots of walking and biking through a land without traffic laws
we teach English for our service
church was good understood none of it

“me and elder johnson”



“Taibei 101 off in the distance”



“rains like every other day or every day – sometimes it’s raining but you stay dry other times just get soaked”



“part of my district at church”


I’m Here

I’m here and alive just letting you know my P day is wednesday. I think i have learned more chinese in 2 days then in all 6 years of school. Can you send me some more hostess treats? 😀

This is real hard tho – class forever every day only english for a few hours a day. The food is questionable but hey chocolate milk on tap also I have been told by everyone to not eat the fish or drink the orange juice here. hopefully pictures soon. see you all later -Landon

also my name is Guo first tone translates to the outer wall of a city (we didn’t get to choose sadly) But I will choose my first name after the mission.