4th In Taiwan? sorry that is not a thing

This week.. ahh.. this week…
went with Elder King on exchanges this week on tuesday wednesday i cant remember one of the 2 that was fun went down a bike path by the main river around luzhou inbetween wugu it was fun taking it a little slower found a few people this kid that is a wakeboarder (does not exsist in Taiwan) so that was awesome and he had fluent english also we met him at a wake park which is super weird because most people here are terrified of water.
other then that this week was a drag no one new to talk too the people we have been all been dropping off No one would talk with us this week it sucked
nothing else really this week just hard
so thats that and this is this thoes are thoes and these are more words
our plans for today find a meat hot pot i think and play football or soccer depending on the park we go to what others are doing
its hot here today and aparently a typhoon on thursday

“3 generations – my trainer me and his trainer”


” farms litterally across the road from factories”



“a random temple we found its mostly a garage tho”



“a random bird ive never seen before so wei shen ma bu (why not)”


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