Insert Clever Title Here

So this week was zone conference it was good to go and hang out with people there (sorry no pictures) at it we had Pizza woo. So random side note Taiwanese traditional food im not a big fan of bean type stuff that just does not taste good ha ha um Stinky Tofu is not that bad Japanese food is fantastic rice is good hotpots are interesting sometimes.

Other than that lots of finding LOTS!! for everyone at home we do not knock doors because you can’t simple as that buildings here 1st floor is a shop of sometime and floors 2- about 5 to 25 are houses top floor is a lounge of some sort. so we don’t knock just street contact.
taught some good lessons this week. this family who are awesome love tea only problem like you can drink tea just not hong cha (same problem with 99% of taiwan) like I love tea here it’s so good sorry everyone back in utah word of wisdom is a little skewed here Also whenever you can find Mountain Dew its like heaven
not much else this week just same as every other day here just uber tired all the time and my companion is super fast on his bike and walking and he is just fast makes me feel even more tired ha ha other 2 in our apartment are cool idk what to say about them.
Today we are going to have a Jun Jew idk the english name just stuff you put in the tea have a war with them.
I really want to film us biking but that is sketchy also my favorite sentence in Chinese is Bi ren kan bu dong (white person see but dont understand) I want that on a shirt in charecters ha ha
Pictures WOO

“Random Honda Civic cars like this are everywhere I love it none of them are legal in America”



“twins and their friend we are teaching their family we were eating and they were with us ha ha”



“Wayne this is Bruce Wayne de wayne (how you introduce yourself me this me referring to the character that’s your name) But he is so cool fluent english and plays lots of fallout”



“Sometimes you need to let your inner ninja out”

Thats all for now bye bye \[T]/

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