6 more days

To start this week Sister Langley went home for medical reasons that was really sad. Then we had a 1 hour training on how to answer questions in an interview setting because on monday (2 days ago) we had sports illustrated come and watch our class for something about byu football (don’t really care all too much about that) but it was cool we might be in the article I don’t know when it comes out. But besides my lack of caring about it, it was a big deal and afterwards i think it was the first time I have heard Ran lao shi compliment anyone so that made me feel real good.

Other than that thanks everyone for the birthday goodies
Ally you are awesome
bye bye
oh i also just got a hair cut… again
I miss driving… that’s all

“my tags”



“Koreans they all took off i’ll miss em”



“random goodies on my desk like an every day thing”



“Sister Campbell on my birthday :D”



“random little drawing i put in Jones Jodo bye bye book”



“I saw Payden Jorgensen at the temple (he is going to my mission in a few months)”


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