Birthday in the MTC


“birthday stuffs”

This week was about the same as every other week here nothing really exciting other than birthday today. as far as stuff goes devotional last night was good had a kid sitting in front of me that got mad at us for talking about the song we were singing in choir and I quote “Can you Elders Please be quiet I can’t feel the spirit?” So I responded with a “No” and the straightest face I could without just dying laughing because i’d feel kinda bad if I had laughed at him but it was like really… we are not even loud we were talking about the song we were about to sing and he was like nghaaa…. After all this his companion turns around to us and apologized for him then started to talk to us too he was cool they are going to france but he was like I get it i’m with him all the time long story short it was funny. that is about all for the week so far today has been normal other than everyone walking into laundry yelling happy birthday ha love our zone and still miss the ones that just left.

 we sing every sunday and tues it’s fun
as for sleep it’s better

“a selfie with elder Jones he is going to Japan he is awesome”


“stalker photo taken by my companion “


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