Another week down

So this week happened I can’t remember what happened this week tho so that’s great.

Sunday was awesome to call home say hi. Still forgot to say Great Job ally I am proud of you.

Oh I had to give a prayer on sunday night and forgot how to start prayers in english so i just Chinglished it (it was supposed to be all in english)

the other district left so we are now the oldest which sucks i feel like we just got here and still know nothing (but we are now the oldest group in the mtc because only the asian languages stay for 9 weeks)

So this isn’t really the nicest thing but we enjoy walking by the english elders and just not speak english it’s fun they get mad.

We got our character tags yesterday (before you ask no I can not read it except my name)

I also was told to go to the clinic yesterday that was great.

umm no idea what else to type so this line is a filler line to make it look like I type more and am better at talking.

drop_bears__america_x_aussie_m_reader__by_crazyanimeguy-d8su9up drop-bearsdrop-bear-image
One of the elders in my district is going to Australia we joke around about drop bears a lot also that he has a 50% chance to die every time he uses the toilet and walks outside. drop bears are koalas that go nom nom nom nom all over your face (google it).
that’s all for now
Zai Jian
as for the clinic I have not been sleeping and one of the people called me out on it and set up an appointment for me so i had to go because i would have never gone but yea that’s why so they gave me melatonin

pic – all i got for this week the district that left


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  1. Hi, Elder Landon Gomm Just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday!!! We hope it was a good day for you. We sent you birthday package hope you get it enjoy it. Love you Grandpa Mike Grandma Linda Christensen


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