Month: May 2016

calling home

So we leave the mtc tomorrow at 6:50 and our flight leaves at 12 (11:50) so after security I will try and call home hopefully before 10 Just letting you all know we have a 1 hour layover in LA so no calling from there then straight to Taiwan also i don’t think any calling. that is the flight plan and i think that is all for now (sorry in advanced if it does not end up working out) Zia Jian \[T]/
-Guo Zhong Lao


i’m in a lab procrastinating packing 😀


NOTE FROM HOME: Landon was able to call Chris and Ally. He was then able to call Christy (who happened to be on a Paris Metro at the time). His flight was from SLC to SFO to TPE.

Q: What was your favorite part of the MTC?
A: Leaving

Q: Of all the things people have told you about Taiwan, what are you most looking forward to?
A: Shaved Ice

Flight time: SLC to SFO = 2 hours + SFO to TPE = 13 hours 15 minutes



6 more days

To start this week Sister Langley went home for medical reasons that was really sad. Then we had a 1 hour training on how to answer questions in an interview setting because on monday (2 days ago) we had sports illustrated come and watch our class for something about byu football (don’t really care all too much about that) but it was cool we might be in the article I don’t know when it comes out. But besides my lack of caring about it, it was a big deal and afterwards i think it was the first time I have heard Ran lao shi compliment anyone so that made me feel real good.

Other than that thanks everyone for the birthday goodies
Ally you are awesome
bye bye
oh i also just got a hair cut… again
I miss driving… that’s all

“my tags”



“Koreans they all took off i’ll miss em”



“random goodies on my desk like an every day thing”



“Sister Campbell on my birthday :D”



“random little drawing i put in Jones Jodo bye bye book”



“I saw Payden Jorgensen at the temple (he is going to my mission in a few months)”

Birthday in the MTC


“birthday stuffs”

This week was about the same as every other week here nothing really exciting other than birthday today. as far as stuff goes devotional last night was good had a kid sitting in front of me that got mad at us for talking about the song we were singing in choir and I quote “Can you Elders Please be quiet I can’t feel the spirit?” So I responded with a “No” and the straightest face I could without just dying laughing because i’d feel kinda bad if I had laughed at him but it was like really… we are not even loud we were talking about the song we were about to sing and he was like nghaaa…. After all this his companion turns around to us and apologized for him then started to talk to us too he was cool they are going to france but he was like I get it i’m with him all the time long story short it was funny. that is about all for the week so far today has been normal other than everyone walking into laundry yelling happy birthday ha love our zone and still miss the ones that just left.

 we sing every sunday and tues it’s fun
as for sleep it’s better

“a selfie with elder Jones he is going to Japan he is awesome”


“stalker photo taken by my companion “

Another week down

So this week happened I can’t remember what happened this week tho so that’s great.

Sunday was awesome to call home say hi. Still forgot to say Great Job ally I am proud of you.

Oh I had to give a prayer on sunday night and forgot how to start prayers in english so i just Chinglished it (it was supposed to be all in english)

the other district left so we are now the oldest which sucks i feel like we just got here and still know nothing (but we are now the oldest group in the mtc because only the asian languages stay for 9 weeks)

So this isn’t really the nicest thing but we enjoy walking by the english elders and just not speak english it’s fun they get mad.

We got our character tags yesterday (before you ask no I can not read it except my name)

I also was told to go to the clinic yesterday that was great.

umm no idea what else to type so this line is a filler line to make it look like I type more and am better at talking.

drop_bears__america_x_aussie_m_reader__by_crazyanimeguy-d8su9up drop-bearsdrop-bear-image
One of the elders in my district is going to Australia we joke around about drop bears a lot also that he has a 50% chance to die every time he uses the toilet and walks outside. drop bears are koalas that go nom nom nom nom all over your face (google it).
that’s all for now
Zai Jian
as for the clinic I have not been sleeping and one of the people called me out on it and set up an appointment for me so i had to go because i would have never gone but yea that’s why so they gave me melatonin

pic – all i got for this week the district that left

Half way through mtc

another generic weekly email

only thing that was really exciting was elder jensen put 30 pretzels in his mouth that was great idk how because i only fit 12

Elder Jensen with 30 pretzels in his mouth!

other than that one of our sisters thinks that I have insomnia because of how fast I can fall asleep during study times it’s really like class is over and.. sleep.. (it’s hard staying awake here)
the language
ha ha it’s coming. grammar is really hard its like you take english grammar flip it upside down and shake it a bit then make it make more sense than english grammar and that’s chinese grammar.

Elder Paul & Tapan – they are 2 dope people going to korea they live a floor above us and I can talk about anime to them lol