Wǒmen zǒu ba (Let’s Go)

This week was better still great still sucks.

The japanese zone I had been talking to a lot all took off so that sucks. They were all awesome super fun to talk to.

but umm highlight of the week is we play D and D for an hour before bed just during our free time each night so that is fun.

Low is my branch president said I need a haircut already.

My ma ma is curious – so exercise: show up run a mile or 2 (not ran more than 2 yet), I’ve also put on 7 lbs it sucks, then stretch, abs, 4 square.

Sundays wake up, study, priesthood, study, church, study, idk Sundays are weird.

For general conference it was just a huge group meeting – hurts your butt sitting for that long – during priesthood the girls broke off watched the other one.

My companion (dependabilabuddy) is from South Jordan and basically dope – definitely see why we were paired together.

The language is coming still a huge headache every day but slowly learning it just step by step (hurray for 2nd hardest language in the world err 2.5 cantaneese is technically harder).

So fun fact, they organise class buildings by difficulty and type I think, so our building is Koreans on the top floor japs in the mid, and mandos/cantos at the bottom.

The pocky box you sent me IS FANTASTIC kinda what keeps me awake during study.

Not sure what else really, the cantos leave monday, so Parker leaves, rip.

Another highlight of the week.. we got a fridge.


Fat Tie Fridays


Elder Brockbank & Elder Gomm


Elder Taylor & Elder Gomm


Elder Gomm loves strawberry Pocky!

Elder Gomm loves strawberry Pocky!


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