Packing Up and Moving Out

2016-03-10 07.52.59

As we purchased things, Landon just kept adding them to a pile in the front room. He didn’t open any of them. He just left them in the bags. He was in denial. We didn’t realize how emotionally hard it was for him to pack everything up. We knew that we wanted to at least wash all his new shirts, so Ally and I decided that we would help him do that.


Shirts have lots of things to remove (pins, tabs, cardboard, etc.)!

When I later asked him about packing, he basically asked if we could do it for him. This leaving for 2 years is hard. It wasn’t that he was being lazy, it was just a very physically acknowledgment that he is leaving. Missions are hard and so is leaving for one.


The trash pile after taking everything out of the packages.


Almost done…packing in progress.




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