Landon Templed Up

landontemple temple2

Email message sent to Sister Samantha Gomm written by Landon’s Mom:

This was a good week! It was so great to have Landon go through the temple. Of course he thought it was a little weird, which it is, but he said it was good. More importantly he was happy! In the celestial room, I asked him if it made him more excited to go on a mission and he said it did.

He went through Thursday evening. His session was at 7 p.m. He had to be there at 5:30 for his initiatories and to talk with a member of the temple presidency.


Before we left for the temple, after I got home from work, dad was telling me that they gave Landon the wrong apron. We had to get all our own temple clothing and ceremonial clothing, because the Payson temple doesn’t rent clothes. He thought it would be OK, but I thought we should go exchange it and get the right one (there is only a slight difference between the two and lots of people wear the wrong one). On the way to exchange it, we were talking about the new name and what we thought about its purpose, etc.


We get to the temple and I have an hour and a half before the session. One of the temple workers told me where I could sit after I get ready to wait for them. I took a long time getting ready and then I went to sit on the couch that is at the bottom of the grand staircase where the temple worker had told me I could wait. While sitting there I was looking at the sunny stained glass for awhile and then when I would look at people walking by, it would look like they had pink or purple hair (you know how when you stare at bright light for along time it does that?). I thought it was a little funny. Those stained glass windows are so beautiful!


Also, while I am sitting on the couch some people came and sat on the chairs next to me and then 2 guys joined them and were just standing in front of the people sitting. Then I heard a choir singing. It was only for a few seconds and I know it wasn’t just me because one of the guys standing turned his head in the direction the singing was coming from and made the “what was that?” look. No one else seemed to notice.


Then family started to show up and we decided to go upstairs and wait for your dad and Landon in the chapel. We were up there for at least a half hour (the session started late). While in the chapel, there was a lady playing the organ (like there normally is) and after a few songs, it happened again, I heard a choir singing the song she was playing. Again it was only for a few seconds. I thought how lucky the angels get to sing in the temple!


The other crazy thing that happened while in the chapel, I was reading in the index of a triple combination and I had read references listed under different topics. I just wasn’t into looking up any of them, then I turned to Jesus Christ – Son of God and I read through some of that and then one reference caught my eye and I decided to look it up. It was “much bloodshed before coming of the Son: D&C 130:12.” Weird, I know, but that’s how it went!!! I looked it up and the section is a short one so I just read the whole section and lo and behold it talked about the “new name”. I just smiled and thanked Heavenly Father for giving his feedback to the conversation I had earlier with your dad. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence for me to read that section. What I didn’t know at the time, but that your dad and Landon told me later in the Celestial room when I was telling everyone about looking up the scripture, is that the temple presidency member was talking to Landon about the exact same thing in D&C 130. It was likely at the exact same time that I was reading about it!
This was the first time I have been to the Payson temple since the open house and I have decided that it is for sure my favorite.

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