In the Meantime…

There were still lots of things to be done to get ready to leave on his mission – purchase and pack all the things that he will need for the next two years, go to the temple, complete online missionary courses (read information, watch the District 1 & 2 videos, etc.), get local currency, order a bike (in January he got a letter from his mission president with a bike order form, mission specific things to buy, and other basic information), apply for his visa online (which he was specifically told that it could only be done no earlier than 2 days before he goes into the MTC), speak in sacrament meeting, listen to music, hangout with friends (watch anime, track racing, laser tag, video and board games, food, etc.), go to Comic Con, say goodbye, and eat lots of Mexican food, steak, and panini. There was a lot more to it than this, but you get the idea!!!


Landon received his endowment at the Payson Temple

 purchases lasertag  2016-03-25 06.22.09 localmoney visa videogames


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