Typhoon Warning

Dear Gomm Family,

Typhoon Nepartak is predicted to hit Taiwan today or tomorrow. All missionaries have been notified. We have had all missionaries ensure that their apartments have all necessary food and water. As the Typhoon, we will be in communication with all missionaries.

Thank you for your support.

Yours Sincerely,
President Jace B. Jergensen


4th In Taiwan? sorry that is not a thing

This week.. ahh.. this week…
went with Elder King on exchanges this week on tuesday wednesday i cant remember one of the 2 that was fun went down a bike path by the main river around luzhou inbetween wugu it was fun taking it a little slower found a few people this kid that is a wakeboarder (does not exsist in Taiwan) so that was awesome and he had fluent english also we met him at a wake park which is super weird because most people here are terrified of water.
other then that this week was a drag no one new to talk too the people we have been all been dropping off No one would talk with us this week it sucked
nothing else really this week just hard
so thats that and this is this thoes are thoes and these are more words
our plans for today find a meat hot pot i think and play football or soccer depending on the park we go to what others are doing
its hot here today and aparently a typhoon on thursday

“3 generations – my trainer me and his trainer”


” farms litterally across the road from factories”



“a random temple we found its mostly a garage tho”



“a random bird ive never seen before so wei shen ma bu (why not)”

Insert Clever Title Here

So this week was zone conference it was good to go and hang out with people there (sorry no pictures) at it we had Pizza woo. So random side note Taiwanese traditional food im not a big fan of bean type stuff that just does not taste good ha ha um Stinky Tofu is not that bad Japanese food is fantastic rice is good hotpots are interesting sometimes.

Other than that lots of finding LOTS!! for everyone at home we do not knock doors because you can’t simple as that buildings here 1st floor is a shop of sometime and floors 2- about 5 to 25 are houses top floor is a lounge of some sort. so we don’t knock just street contact.
taught some good lessons this week. this family who are awesome love tea only problem like you can drink tea just not hong cha (same problem with 99% of taiwan) like I love tea here it’s so good sorry everyone back in utah word of wisdom is a little skewed here Also whenever you can find Mountain Dew its like heaven
not much else this week just same as every other day here just uber tired all the time and my companion is super fast on his bike and walking and he is just fast makes me feel even more tired ha ha other 2 in our apartment are cool idk what to say about them.
Today we are going to have a Jun Jew idk the english name just stuff you put in the tea have a war with them.
I really want to film us biking but that is sketchy also my favorite sentence in Chinese is Bi ren kan bu dong (white person see but dont understand) I want that on a shirt in charecters ha ha
Pictures WOO

“Random Honda Civic cars like this are everywhere I love it none of them are legal in America”



“twins and their friend we are teaching their family we were eating and they were with us ha ha”



“Wayne this is Bruce Wayne de wayne (how you introduce yourself me this me referring to the character that’s your name) But he is so cool fluent english and plays lots of fallout”



“Sometimes you need to let your inner ninja out”

Thats all for now bye bye \[T]/

This week In the land of no traffic laws

first i’d like to say good thing someone reminded me because it’s just another day here I would have had no idea it was fathers day.

but um hi not too sure what to talk about. Thanks for your support HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! good luck this next week with everyone

So this week we had exchanges on tuesday or thursday I can’t remember basically just went to central Taibei and found people there will talk a little more than the people in LuZhou


we taught Scott’s family again its hard staying focused teaching them because his daughters just get more and more attractive (they are the top of the class both fluent in english one lived in Canada for a while going into diplomatic type stuff and they are casually going to go run a marathon next week.. like umm alright that is Awesome) but their family is awesome
Scott wants it his wife is super buddist because her family was.


Nothing else really exciting this week other than it can be raining and you don’t get wet its weird
also go from blazing heat to Instant Down pour out of no were.

Also I love the cars here so part of the culture is they graduate get a job then save money to get a nice car and then get married. But the cars they buy are porches lots of lexuses lancers imprezas and… civics… But they all have body work done to them honestly a Ricers Paradise I love them lots of them have race decals too its fun.


“The calm before the storm (it poured on us after – we were soaked).”



“Such parking much wow (not my bike mine was in the closet next to this) … the bike is in the church bathroom in the lobby – we walk out and our bikes are gone – like what the crap”



“These kinds of toilets do exist ‘O’ … the toilet is at our apartment (on the 9th floor it’s not small but it’s not big awesome view tho) – the toilet we don’t use toilet paper just sprays you – super weird to get used to. “


i totally would I love rally cars soo much they are everywhere here lots of euro spec cars (ask dad) lots of them all have race paint ill try to take more pictures to show you. Also anime stuff is everywhere.

it’s going to be weird going home and seeing normal cars with no paint or decals of body work or anything (because American car owners have no creativity with their cars)




so random story that i just remembered this was thursday or friday so bread here is REALLY good and i had bought some $25 super cheap but it started pouring by the time we got to were we were meeting our investigator it was gone it fell out of my bag kinda sucked i wanted that bread… ah well was just funny tho




Q: What do you do for meals?
A: street venders – super cheap super good



super random but i wish i could film the average bike ride around town here Its crazy mom would not be able to watch it almost been hit by like every vehicle known to man. lots of scooters and the double yellow is just a suggestion but it’s just funny because in america never think to ride in between cars but here you are never not in between cars in between them scooters everywhere roads are lined with them. another funny thing is the lights here all have count down timers its awesome roll up ok i have 10 seconds or a minuet or whatever. lots of nice cars around saw a rolls royce and a la Ferrari the new 458 Italia (460 or something i can’t remember kinda ugly)

this week in LuZhou

So this week was a good one

It’s very hot here but had some good lessons

got to meet some cool people

the language is very very slow but understanding little more every day

So sorry can’t really remember all that happened this week but we did end up teaching this guy scott and his family (don’t let the name fool you it was still in chinese) super cool family ended up coming to church. other than him chen ma ma she is really funny calls me a baby because that’s about as much of what i can understand that she says.
KJ Wang also he was cool his best friend is mormon so he met with us he was big and he is a surfer. umm not much else really just lots of walking and biking through a land without traffic laws
we teach English for our service
church was good understood none of it

“me and elder johnson”



“Taibei 101 off in the distance”



“rains like every other day or every day – sometimes it’s raining but you stay dry other times just get soaked”



“part of my district at church”

Hope you like the smell of Exhaust

hey just saying hi im alive
oh we are in The west zone in taibei city luzhou lots of people it is soo fun

“view out the apartment we are on the 9th floor I love our view”


Heyo so made it to Taiwan I am in LuZhou with my Trainer Elder Rasmussen He is dope 6′ 4″ and big I have a hard time keeping up its good though i need to get into shape.

So to start, got to taiwan, mission president picked us up, fun night, stuff happened can’t remember i was asleep it felt like for it all, but next day went to the grand hotel and to the priesthood restoration site then something else that i can’t remember intro stuff i think.

Oh so Bao Jie Mei helps out here (Johnny and Leo’s Mom back in provo) woah I already knew someone it was funny when we put one and two together and i recognized her (Leo if you can, tell her I say hi) Then met my trainer we then left to LuZhou in the poring rain it was great get home plan then went out.
So far taught a few people lots of finding it’s a lot of fun just trying to talk to everyone on the street I enjoy it a lot (it’s also very hot here like VERY hot and humid) but we teach a few people sorry can’t remember names all too well but chen ma ma she is being baptized on the 18th few others and wane bruce wane de wane but he is awesome hopefully the 25th for him.
Food here is Amazing so much better than the mtc and a lot of american food same with the tea’s that we can drink they are very good.

Traffic laws here are more Traffic suggestions makes biking around sooo much fun. just going in and out of traffic scooters and ricers everywhere (lots of mitsubishis bmw’s porsches and subarus so cool to see all the cars I love all the time) biking again soo much fun same with just finding talking to everyone with my very broken Chinese sure most of the time just like who is this white guy trying to talk to me…

My Trainer is dope I love it here can’t wait to be able to understand.. anything really what people reply to my questions to what i am buying for lunch.

till next time \[T]/ bye bye


Q: What is your plan for the rest of your pday and how was church?
A: going bowling i think and church was fun i bore my testimony super short but i understood none of it ha ha

Q: So are you emailing from your apartment, a library, an internet café, a members home, or where?
A: internet cafe … for 1 hour i think

Q: Where is your companion from?
A: Texas

Q: Are there other missionaries in your area? Share your apartment?
A: yea there is 4 of us



“me and my trainer”


“Taiwan temple and surrounding area” – pic taken from the mission home.

From: Taiwan Taipei Mission


“trainer and trainee photo”

Dear Gomm  Family,
Sister Jergensen and I are delighted to let you know that your son , Elder Landon Michael Gomm, has arrived in Taiwan safely and is doing well. The day following his arrival was spent in orientation, training, and getting to know him. We had a wonderful lunch with the new missionaries and their training companions…
… Yours Sincerely, President Jace B. Jergensen

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